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We are currently offering term time discounted lesson schemes on a Wednesday afternoon.  If you would like to join this scheme please email us for information and to sign up.  Any spaces left on group lessons will be released as and when we have availability and will show online under gold/pink/orange/blue groups sessions.

We also offer weekday/weekend hacking and pub rides; on a Friday afternoon we have limited private lessons and 121 assessments, all availability will be on our booking page.  

RIDER REGISTRATION FORM (to be used if not booking via calendly)

* I understand that riding at any standard has inherent risk and that all horses may react unpredictably on occasions. I accept that risk and agree that the riding school will not be liable for injury or damage to property unless it is caused by their negligence. * I may fall off and could be injured. I accept that risk. * I understand that instructions are given for my safety and agree to follow instructions given to me by staff and instructors of the riding school. * I reserve the right not to ride a horse allocated to me and may request a change of instructor. * I understand that wearing an appropriate riding hat and body protector may reduce the severity of an injury should an accident happen and agree that I will always wear a riding hat that meets current British Standards whilst riding, leading and grooming horses at the riding school. I understand it is my choice whether or not I wear a body protector. * I understand that the riding school will make decisions based on information I give them and agree to always be honest and volunteer information about: my abilities and riding experience any previous riding accidents any medical condition(s) which may affect my ability to ride * I understand that children are at particular risk around horses and agree that I will keep children that I am responsible for, under close supervision when they are not being instructed by the riding school. * I understand that the riding school may refuse my request to ride for safety or operational reasons. * I understand that competing carries enhanced risk over and above general riding and agree that if I chose to participate in any competition or event, it is up to me to ensure that I have the experience and ability to ride the course including any jumps which form part of it. If I am in any doubt, I will use my judgment and experience and not enter. * I can confirm that to the best of my knowledge all the above details are correct. * Where I am signing on behalf of a minor I have explained the Riders Code of Conduct to my child and we both accept the risk and agree that the riding school will not be liable for injury or damage to property unless it is caused by their negligence. * I have read and understand the lesson booking and cancellation policy and agree to abide by it all times. * DATA PROTECTION: I understand that information I provide will be held in accordance with data protection laws but may also be made available to Insurers and other parties in the event of any injuries or accident. * I am happy for my details to be stored for the duration of my contract at The Stables of Cissbury.