Arriving at 10 am for a very British welcome of tea and a light breakfast you will be briefed about your day.

Once briefing has commenced you will be taken up to the stables and fitted with necessary safety equipment and introduced to your horse.

You will start with a lesson in horse husbandry and be shown how to groom and tack up your horse. After a quick 10-minute assessment in the training arena you will be taken out of the grounds on to the stunning south downs.

After a 1hour ride over the breath taking South Downs National Park trail, you will arrive at our picnic spot where you will enjoy a beautiful British picnic with views out to the sea. Relax with the horses and enjoy the fresh air before re-mounting and heading back to the stables.

Upon arriving back at the stable yard you will learn how to un-tack your horse and turn him/her out in to the paddocks.